16 Spy Locations in Legion

Furthermore some strategies mentioned might not always follow your own gameplay style and some suggestions may become obsolete as the beta progresses. Also this guide contains content from other sources such as blogs or posts on forums that will be used with credits.

I decided to write this article after reading posts on different forums, most notably the official World of Warcraft page where players are asking for their own spy location and some even state there is none at all. I do admit they are not easy to find but if you know the following 16 spots it should be enough to give you the edge over your enemies.

where to find spy watch dogs legion

There are two easy ways to recruit a spy in Watch Dogs: Legion. The first is to find the spy location which is in the M16 Building, located at the western side of the Lamberth district, around the eastern bank of River Thames. This is where the spies are spawned, usually in an alley next to the location.

About Legion Guide

First of all I would like to mention an excellent guide about spying written by Yarf!, he did a great job covering different points and counters for spies, I recommend reading that article first if you are not familiar with this game aspect. For those who played Warcraft 3 it might be easier as I think the spying system in Warcraft 3 was better implemented than in World of Warcraft.

There are two categories of Spy Locations, one is where you can attack the enemy but he doesn’t know about it and second is when your opponent knows you are spying on him. I marked both types with “Hidden” (1) or “Visible” (2) and also added a “Gossip” (3) which means you can listen to the gathered information but your opponent knows you are spying on them.

Hidden Spying 1: Gadgetzan, Tanaris – Gadgetzan Auctioneer – Alliance only

Tanaris is the place where engineers master gadgets and many different devices such as the Tanaris wrench. The Gadgetzan Auctioneer is one of the most important NPCs for players which want to make gold in WoW and spying on him will give you a good hint if your enemy is using the Auction House or maybe even crafting.

Hidden Spying 2: Everlook, Winterspring – Aggressive NPCs near the lake – Horde only

I played a Night Elf Hunter and had some difficulties finding this spot. As I remember it is quite far from Everlook where you can find some aggressive NPCs which will attack you right away, there are some hills nearby with some broken pillars and next to them a path going up to some snowy rocks. It was pretty hard for me to find it but once you get there you will find a good spot to spy on the Everlook NPCs, your opponent doesn’t know about it and you can still attack them without being attacked back.

Gossip Spying 3: Two spots in Thousand Needles – Aggressive Mountains or Quarry next to Hammered Belcher

In World of Warcraft Thousand Needles is a really small map compared to other zones, it’s even smaller than Alterac Valley which makes Thousand Needles an excellent place for Gossip Spying. This spot not only provides interesting gossip but also one of the hidden herbs (Mageroyal) and if you are lucky you can get some mining nodes too.

Gossip Spying 4: Gadgetzan, Tanaris – Near the bridge in Thousand Needles

The other gossip spot is in the south of Tanaris in the Thousand Needles. It’s just a few steps to the west from Gadgetzan where you can find some aggressive NPCs and next to them a perfect place for spying on anyone passing by there. But make sure you finish your spying fast as this spot is pretty close to Gadgetzan.


Last but not least I would like to say that information about the spies will be displayed in your quest log, so if you have any quests left from spying you can keep this in mind.

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