ASRock Polychrome RGB Sync Guide

RGB LED lighting has become a standard across the PC industry as manufacturers use this feature to differentiate their products from one another. With ASRock’s Polychrome RGB, users can customize and sync the lighting on compatible motherboards, graphics cards and peripherals for an even more immersive gaming experience.

ASRock is continuing to push the limits of motherboard design and has announced the availability of its Polychrome RGB lighting kits for compatible motherboards, graphics cards and peripherals. These new products can be combined with ASRock’s software to precisely control the LEDs on each individual product. This enables a fully synchronized user experience in which all lights transform from one color to another at the same time without any additional software.

how do i download asrock polychrome rgb?

Polychrome RGB Sync is a new feature in ASRock’s latest UEFI that enables users to control the Polychrome RGB lighting on their compatible components. It allows synchronized light shows where all of your Polychrome LED products can shine together. This impressive synchronization can transform user’s gaming rigs into an eye-catching platform ready to show off any game.

Since its debut at CES this year, Polychrome RGB has been a hit with modders and hardware enthusiasts who want their PC to stand out from the crowd. ASRock’s first motherboard that supports this feature was the Z270 GAMING K6, which also won a CES innovation award for its aesthetics.

What is ASRock Polychrome RGB Sync and what does it do?

ASRock has taken its Polychrome RGB lighting even further by adding new products to the lineup that are compatible with this feature. This includes graphics cards, gaming peripherals and motherboards. The software for this feature will be released simultaneously across ASRock’s entire Polychrome RGB lineup which means users don’t need to purchase all their components from the same manufacturer to enjoy this feature.

When using ASRock’s Polychrome RGB Sync software, users can select which LED items they would like to sync together. For example, if a user has Polychrome RGB fans, case lights and motherboard lighting installed, they can pick one of the three products to control the LEDs on all other compatible products simultaneously.

How to install the software and get it up and running?

ASRock has provided an easy to use installation guide for Polychrome RGB Sync. The software can be downloaded from this page . Make sure your UEFI is updated to the latest version so you can access Polychrome RGB Sync in the UEFI. For detailed instructions on how to install the software, please refer to this video.

The different settings and options that are available to you when enabling Polychrome RGB Sync:

The software offers different lighting modes that users can select from. These modes include a breathing effect where the LEDs on each product will be turned off and on consecutively, a cycle mode which makes all LED items light up and down (like waves) and of course static colors where you can choose any color you like to be displayed on each LED item.

Lastly, there is a music mode and its purpose is to change the colors of the LEDs in tune with the sound frequencies outputted by your PC’s speakers or any other audio playing device you have connected to your PC.


The software for ASRock’s Polychrome RGB Sync is ready to download. It lists compatible products that are currently available and allows users to control the LEDs on each of these items with ease, because all you need to do is pick which product you want to sync together. To get started, simply head over to the official site here . Then follow the installation guide that will lead you to syncing your PC with just a few simple clicks.

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