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“Some say that as an executive coach I meet more people in corporate America than most others. Merle stands head and shoulders above the rest . . . combining intelligence, efficiency, and graciousness in a rare way. His open attitude about learning and growing were primary factors in his success at Apple.”
~ Arynne Simon, Executive Coach

“Merle always demonstrated enthusiasm for the work and people of his group. He had a keen awareness of his obligations to his company, its customers and shareholders, and those of us who worked for him. Colonel John Boyd said, ‘If your boss demands loyalty give him integrity, but if he demands integrity give him loyalty.’ Merle has my loyalty, but he earned it.”
~ Bill Champ, Claris

“Merle leads by example. He is passionate about enabling technologies and is able to see both the forest and the trees. His knowledge of language and culture is immense. With a real understanding of what users might want to do, Merle understands how technologies should be developed and used. He maintains high standards and lives up to them. This is the mentality that he instilled in our group.”
~ Adam Behrens, Claris

“Merle was a delight to work with, way ahead of his time in thinking about the international usability of software products. He led the way in creating Translation Memory (automatically re-using previous, polished translations). He also created new product and feature names to make them simple, self-evident AND internationally neutral. That was a new concept for software applications in the early eighties!”
~ Chuck Walrad, Automated Language Processing Systems

“Merle is a veritable fount of knowledge on internationalization. He was influential in establishing the Terminology Management program at Palm. He was always able to provide a deeper insight to project issues, and through this insight, localization was able to act proactively in the project cycle. On top of it all, Merle is a good person.”
~ Nicole Coleman, Palm

“I worked with Merle at ALP Systems and Lexpertise. At ALP Systems, Merle was in charge of the dictionaries for the machine translation product. I was really impressed with Merle’s ability to handle multiple dictionaries in multiple languages and to “feed” the machine translation with that data. At Lexpertise, he was the R&D manager. I discovered how easy it was for Merle to manage linguists and programmers from various countries in a way to enhance the NLP features of our products. Merle is a great expert in NLP technologies. On the top of that, he is also an enthusiastic, honest, and cordial person as a team leader.”
~ Dominique Maret, Lexpertise Linguistic Software

“Merle is passionate about technology and customer (developer) satisfaction. He is a very effective presenter in one-on-one or large technical conference sessions; drawing his audience in making sure they all understand the content and his message. Merle was a strong senior member of my Technology Evangelism team and also fun to work with.”
~ Robert Selzler, Apple Computer

“Merle is has earned an excellent reputation as an internationalization expert. He has worked for the who’s who of top tech companies, including Yahoo!, Claris, Palm, Microsoft, and Apple. Merle sees how things can be done rather than why they can’t be done. He thinks outside the box when faced with challenging situations. Merle always displays a high level of enthusiasm and humor. He creates a work culture where employees can motivate themselves. Merle has a natural inquisitiveness, and he keeps abreast of competitors’ best practices and innovative solutions. He always looks for ways of improving the way things are done.”
~ Noelle Tardieu, Claris

“Merle was my manager at Yahoo! on an open-source project to add support for Unicode (via UTF-8 and UTF-16) and internationalization features for PHP 5.3 and PHP 6. He has a great knowledge of the internationalization and localization in cutting edge technology and is a very good communicator.”
~ Kirti Gupta, Yahoo!

“Merle is a great technologist. He was instrumental in laying out the requirements for the multilingual Apple Developer Connection web site and led the project to gather and publish all Mac OS releases in all released languages to allow developers to do compatibility testing. Merle would be an outstanding addition to any team and I sincerely hope we get the chance to work together again.”
~ Doug Bloomquist, Apple Computer

“Merle has a deep knowledge of linguistics and internationalization. He was instrumental in defining and implementing internationalization strategy and spelling technology for all Claris applications. His passion for the technology and his great personality inspired everyone who ever worked for him or with him.”
~ Stella Ayzinger, Claris

“I worked with Merle at Lexpertise, ALP Systems, and Weidner. He is a rare breed of person capable of both deep understanding of technology and the ability to communicate clearly, effectively and enthusiastically. And he did this despite the rigors of both international travel and relocation of his household to another country while dealing with the challenges of starting a new company.”
~ Cal Moffett, Lexpertise Linguistic Software

“Merle is an outstanding and compassionate person. I got to know him when he volunteered at the employment center I managed. He provided job seekers with great insight, hope, and networking contacts. His technical skills combined with his excellent people skills make him a valued colleague.”
~ Jeff Foy, LDS Employment Resource Services

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