Manager, designer, and developer of software and services for the international marketplace.

Solid understanding of functional and linguistic requirements and enabling technologies for diverse languages and cultures.

Developed linguistically sophisticated tools for readers, writers, and translators in major European and Asian languages.

Led internationalization and localization of platforms, applications, and services on World Wide Web, Windows, Macintosh, and mobile to schedule and budget.

Knowledgeable of world languages and writing systems; proficient in Spanish and French; lived in Europe and Latin America; worked extensively in Asia.

Able to manage execution of myriad production details without losing sight of big picture.

Genuine, principled people person who values contributions of others and leads by example.

Creative, far-sighted, open-minded, adaptive, energetic, resourceful, persuasive, supportive.

Committed to looking after the best interests of the company and its customers.

Committed to setting realistic expectations and then doing whatever it takes to meet them.

Committed to making the technologies that are changing our world fully available to users around the world.


Language Technology Consultant
Merle Tenney Consulting
Mountain View, California
2007 – present

Leveraged experience with natural language processing (NLP) technologies to provide strategic direction to entrepreneurs, investors, and technology users.  Translation technology expertise in computer-aided translation (CAT), rule-based machine translation (RBMT), statistical machine translation (SMT), post-edited machine translation (PEMT), translation crowdsourcing, and translation marketplaces.  Content development expertise in text editing, style and grammar checkers, controlled authoring tools, electronic reference tools, and content types, in particular, user-generated content (UGC).

-  Elaborated global content guidelines in April 2011 Common Sense Advisory (CSA) report, “Content Strategy for the Global Enterprise,” cowritten with Don DePalma.

-  Provided strategic roadmap for translation editor functionality and machine translation (MT) implementation for myGengo.

-  Provided industry analysis and tactical consulting on text editing and translation technologies for Smartling.

-  Led natural language processing technology development of question answering-based search solution, including recruiting and managing development team, for MyRoar.

-  Designed and executed linguistic evaluation of seven MT systems across eight language pairs for Monster Venture Partners.

-  Internationalization Program Manager for addition of PHP 5.3 locale-based internationalization support and Unicode text support via International Components for Unicode (ICU) for Yahoo!

Senior Localization Manager
BMC Software
San Jose, California
2010 – 2012

Provided strategic leadership in translation and multilingual content technologies.  Managed rational application of machine translation technology and integration with content development and translation solutions.  Defined multilingual content framework for online help.

-  Validated cost-effectiveness and quality of state-of-the-art translation technologies through pilot of machine translation and post-editing solutions.

-  Designed system to manage just-in-time, just-good-enough translation framework for customer-facing content.

-  Supported user interface (UI) and document localization using SDL Translation Management System (TMS).

-  Defined and evangelized localization best practices across Enterprise Service Management (ESM) division.

Director of Product Marketing, Linguistic Products
Milpitas, California
2008 – 2009

Led product requirements definition and product marketing in North America and Far East for Lingvo electronic dictionaries and future linguistic products.  Researched total addressable market (TAM), served available market (SAM), market segments, and competition, and developed regional market requirements document (MRD).  Researched and developed content licensing opportunities with American dictionary publishers.  Led product marketing, go-to-market, public relations, and viral marketing activities.

-  Opened promising new developer markets with Lingvo Engine and Lingvo Server products.

-  Enabled adaptation of Lingvo dictionaries to American markets with definition of English and Spanish dialect requirements and development of dialect assessment tool.

-  Introduced Lingvo consumer product to higher ed market through successful email and web promotion to Russian foreign language students.

Senior Program Manager, Natural Language Group
Redmond, Washington
2006 – 2007

Led design and development of writing assistance functions for Microsoft Office products across multiple user languages. Introduced framework for diverse reference content, coupled with powerful reference integration/navigation and application accessibility, as technology focus area.  Provided initial specification of English as a Second Language (ESL) reference support in Office.

-  Laid groundwork for cross-company coordination of international and linguistic functional development, based on comprehensive, user-oriented typology of text tools.

-  Architected Rich Reference framework for extending, integrating, and navigating diverse lexical resources developed by Microsoft and independent dictionary publishers.

-  Assured selection of most suitable ESL dictionary provider through detailed qualitative and quantitative evaluation of five leading English learners’ dictionaries.

-  Supported transition of natural language processing framework from monolithic API to more serviceable component APIs as Program Manager for Lexical Services Platform.

International Product Manager
San Jose, California
2002 – 2005

Led design and development of dynamic text service framework for key software products on multiple platforms.  Developed initial modules for traditional and innovative text services.

-  Supported host application integration through active and passive interface mechanisms.

-  Enabled integration with framework through plug-in APIs for general text services (exploration, inputting, editing, formatting, and rewriting).

Senior International Engineering Manager
Sunnyvale, California
2000 – 2002

Managed all aspects of international development for Palm OS system software and Palm Desktop application software (Windows and Macintosh clients).  Provided platform support for all markets and devices, both Palm-branded and Palm Powered (OEM) products.

-  Guaranteed timely, effective coordination among Palm international stakeholders by establishing and directing cross-functional International Management Team (comprised of product management, product engineering, project management, SQA, and localization managers).

-  Established relationships with Asian partners to develop product feature specifications, user interface localizations, and reference terminologies and managed their execution on schedule and within budget.

-  Opened Palm market to China and Taiwan through design and development of Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions of Palm OS.

-  Facilitated licensee OS extensions for new locales by revamping Palm OS locale system, with independent language and country controls, additional locale-sensitive data types, and licensee-customizable locale source data.

-  Developed technical plan for transitioning Palm OS character support from legacy encodings to Unicode encoding standard (UTF-8), while preserving backward compatibility for legacy applications and data sets.

International Technology Evangelist
Apple Computer
Cupertino, California
1996 – 2000

Gathered and championed developer requirements for Mac OS internationalization, localization, text, and font technologies.  Explained and promoted international Mac OS technologies to worldwide Macintosh developer community.  Organized and presented developer briefings and workshops around the world and sessions of Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

-  Led rollout of new Mac OS and Mac OS X international technologies–input methods, text services, Unicode, legacy character encodings, fonts, text layout, locales, and localization–including extensive remote management of regional rollouts.

-  Extended developer outreach efforts worldwide by managing Asian and European Developer Relations teams in content and logistical preparations for local technology briefings and workshops.

-  Provided comprehensive set of multilingual Mac OS releases to developers for compatibility testing by way of multilingual developer DVD series for legacy and contemporary OS releases (beta and GM).

-  Presented Apple’s Unicode transition story in professional venues, including International Unicode Conference papers and featured article in “Multilingual Computing & Technology”.

International Engineering Manager
Claris (now FileMaker)
Santa Clara, California
1991 – 1996

Supervised internationalization of all Claris applications and supported tight-schedule worldwide localization of applications into over 25 languages.  Led design and implementation of text services and general international functionality (sorting, casing, date and time formats, number and currency formats, page dimensions, etc.) in Claris applications.

-  Effectively managed domestic and international teams to internationalize and localize Claris products for world markets–over 400 world-ready SKUs in over 25 languages.

-  Saved Claris over $500K per year by renegotiating contract with linguistics technology vendor to go from per-unit royalty to blanket royalty for licensed technologies.

-  Put teeth into licensing contract for spelling, thesaurus, and hyphenation technologies by writing binding, linguistically based feature definitions and performance specifications–first such contractual specifications in industry.

-  Guaranteed quality of spelling checking solution by developing innovative multilingual test suites and protocols to measure quality of spelling recognition and correction functions.

Linguistic Development Director
Pittsford, New York
1990 – 1991

Managed development of OEM language products for major European languages, including spelling checkers, thesauruses, and multilingual word and phrase dictionaries.  Assembled multilingual textual and lexical databases for product development and quality assurance.

-  Added professionalism to product development through institution of dictionary editing protocols, editing tools, and quality controls.

-  Validated competitive readiness of products by developing test methodologies and testing against competitive products.

-  Managed to budget in selecting and contracting with linguistic database providers.

-  Addressed special needs of national markets with specification and development of dialectal spelling checkers for English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Vice President, Development, and Founder
Lexpertise Linguistic Software
Vaumarcus, Switzerland
1988 – 1990

Managed American and European versions of MacProof and PC Proof, early grammar and style checkers for writers working in their native language.  Managed French-native and German-native versions of Bilingual MacProof and Bilingual PC Proof, seminal language interference checkers for writers using English as a Second Language.  Managed development teams on two continents; developed market requirements documents (MRDs) and functional specifications documents (FSDs).

-  Delivered accelerated ramp-up of American and European product lines.  In first year:

-  Added products for IBM PC platform alongside initial Macintosh products;

-  Created second language product line, new to Lexpertise, first in industry;

-  Developed and launched eight retail products, after starting with two;

-  Invented flag-in-place error correction mode, similar to wavy underline editing mode later implemented in Microsoft Word.

-  Provided executive leadership as Board Member of Lexpertise Linguistic Software and as Vice President and Board Member of American affiliate, Lexpertise USA.

Product Manager, Translation and Writing Tools
Automated Language Processing Systems (ALPNET)
Provo, Utah, and Cortaillod, Switzerland
1982 – 1988

As Product Manager of the Translation Support System, a multilevel interactive language translation system, responsible for product design, as well as marketing and sales support.  Launched Writing Products Division and served as its Product Manager.  Also performed linguistic research, linguistic development, and dictionary development for writing and proofing products.  As Director of Terminology, in Switzerland, acquired rights and supervised conversion of electronic versions of print dictionaries for use with translation products.

-  Design and management of significant innovations in computer-aided translation:

-  World’s first Translation Memory system for recycling edited sentence translations;

-  Text-based terminology discovery tools and integrated dictionary editor;

-  First automated multi-target terminology translation system (AutoTerm).

-  Design and development of significant innovations in writing and proofing tools:

-  First proofing product for Macintosh (MacProof), fully integrated with MacWrite;

-  Advanced editing system for ESL reader accommodation and translation pre-editing, developed under contract for IBM;

-  First test specification and test corpus to measure linguistic QA of proofing tools.


Brigham Young University.  Mathematics major; Linguistics and Spanish minors, Honors.


Presented and published papers on topics related to writing tools, translation tools, applied linguistics, and software internationalization.  Forums include Linguistic Society of America (LSA), International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING), Localization World, Worldware Conference, ASLIB Conference on Translating and the Computer, American Translators Association (ATA), International Unicode Conference (IUC), Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Common Sense Advisory (CSA), and “Multilingual Computing & Technology”.

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