Language Technology Consultant

Merle TenneyWriting, Editing, Translation, and Internationalization

Merle Tenney is an international and linguistic software developer with over 25 years experience managing, designing, and developing products and services for the global marketplace. He has developed linguistically sophisticated translation systems, spelling checkers, grammar and style checkers, second language checkers, and lexical references. He has led the internationalization of application and system software on Windows, Mac OS, and Palm OS. His work is marked by inventions and innovations in editing tools, translation editors, translation memory, second language checkers, and quality assurance methodologies for spelling checkers, grammar checkers, and machine translation systems.

At Yahoo!, Apple, Palm, and Claris, Merle played leading roles in international engineering, internationalization, and localization. At Yahoo!, Merle managed a global team to add locale-based internationalization functionality and Unicode UTF-8 support to PHP 5.3.

As the International Technology Evangelist at Apple Computer, he presented Apple’s international Mac OS technologies to Macintosh developers around the world, as well as representing their requirements to Apple for Mac OS internationalization, localization, text, and font technologies.
At Palm, Merle led international development of the Palm OS and the Windows and Macintosh Palm Desktop applications. At Claris, he led the international engineering team responsible for internationalizing Windows and Macintosh applications and supported their localization into more than 25 languages.

At Microsoft, ABBYY, Microlytics, Lexpertise, and Automated Language Processing Systems, Merle managed and developed natural language processing tools for readers, writers, and translators in major European and Asian languages. As a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, he led the design of writing assistance functions for Office products across multiple user languages and introduced a framework for integrating and accessing diverse reference content.

At Microlytics, he managed the development of OEM language products for the major European and American languages, including spelling checkers, thesauri, and multilingual word and phrase dictionaries. Merle directed product development at Lexpertise, and he introduced grammar and style checkers and second language checkers for Windows and Macintosh.
At ALP Systems, he managed and designed key components of the Translation Support System, a multilevel interactive language translation system. He also launched the Writing Products Division, where he designed an advanced text revision and translation pre-editing system under contract for IBM. Merle has lived and worked in Peru and Switzerland, and he speaks Spanish and French.
Merle lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he is not spending time with his family, Merle is active in his church and community. He enjoys choral music, and he has sung in choirs from California to Switzerland.


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